Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weekends are for Warriors!

Wow! We have had a terribly busy weekend so far. I am hoping for a restful Sunday. Sometimes I think we should have Mondays off so we can recover from the weekend.


Grant, Megan and Shane had a get-together on Saturday afternoon. So I started my day early getting ready for that. I cut up fruit for what seemed like an eternity and managed to only cut myself twice. I bought this little paring knife at TJMaxx and it is the best knife ever. Don't you just love TJMaxx? Anyway, once I finished the fruit, I drove over to their house to take some tables and chairs. Oh My Goodness! It was hot. I think I gave myself a detox treatment in one and a half hours of sweat. I also got to see Grant for a little bit. He is growing so fast! I cannot believe how long he is getting. His little legs have fat rolls and his arms are getting that way too. He is always throwing his arms around like a little boxer or maybe he is practicing his throw for baseball. (like his PopPop and Uncle Nathan)

The barbeque was originally planned for Nathan's graduation. Megan decided to go ahead and have it even though the guest of honor wouldn't be there. Most of Nathan's family was there so there was a big crowd. It was a really nice party. Nathan called and Bobby put him on speaker phone so that we could all hear him. He said he missed everyone and wished he could be there. I think he is feeling a little homesick. He is going to get a visit from his girlfriend around the 15th of July, so that should cheer him up.

He spoke so elequently on the phone to us all. I was thinking about how those sportscasters always interview players after the game and I think that Nathan will be one of those players that you don't mind listening to. He always seems to speak from the heart.

There were so many people in the house that you couldn't stir them with a stick. Right before the party, a thunderstorm came through. What a mess! While the rain passed on by, we prepared everything to go outside. I wish we could have planned for the awaiting sauna. OMG! More heat. One of the guests said he was definately going to change the way he acted and try to become a better person. We wondered why????????? He said that it was so hot outside he did not want to imagine what that other place (not Heaven) felt like. Ha!

I hope that this hot weather isn't going to be the trend for the rest of the summer. It feels like August already. We did get some much needed rain but it unfortunately doesn't cool things off.


Well, somewhat disappointed.....NATHAN HIT ANOTHER HOME RUN!!!!!!!!Can you believe it? Second game, second home run. We are so proud! Unfortunately, the team lost another game. It will be nice to get a win under their belts.


Oh my gosh, I have finally, after much deliberation, decided to get out there amongst the rest of the real world and join FACEBOOK. Probably the biggest mistake I have made this week. I am having a hard time learning everything about it. Thank goodness I have daughters that are quite savy on the program. It takes me forever to even load pictures and I am quickly finding out that I don't use my camera nearly enough. I guess I'll have to start carrying that thing with me everywhere.

It amazes me how many people are on that thing. I was loading a few pictures and as soon as they had finished loading, one of my friends sent me a message that said she liked the pics. I cannot figure out how she saw them so quickly. I had just uploaded them. She must have just been sitting there waiting.

Oh well, I hope that I can figure out how to get around on it soon. The few friends that I do have on there will probably want to drop me because I am too boring. :)


I have a friend that is getting ready to marry off her daughter. Well, she is more than a friend, more like family. She is the sister of my sister in law. Well, the wedding is coming up soon and we (me, lena and katy) are doing the flowers. We are going to Nashville tomorrow to look at flowers and get our order together.

I love to make flower arrangements, but it is almost impossible for me to figure out how many flowers I need to order. Luckily the people at Geny's Flowers are so helpful. They helped me order flowers for another wedding back in October and have graciously offered to help again.

It is amazing to me how you can tell someone what you want the arrangement to look like, and they can tell you how much of each flower you need to order. I guess it's not that unusual, I am always being asked how to clean something. Just because I clean houses doesn't mean I know everything about cleaning, but I can offer good information time to time.

Anyway, I think this wedding is going to be very pretty. It is going to be in Franklin at Lily Belle's. The garden area behind the house is where most of the festivities will happen. The bride and groom are quite fond of the natural look. So, we have to figure out how to put flowers together that look like they haven't been put together. Right?

I will be sure to post some pictures after the wedding. We usually get so busy putting the wedding together that we forget to take pictures of everything. This time we are not going to let that happen.

Pics of arrangements we did for Lindsay's wedding......

Well, I think I am going to close now. I need to work on my notes for the flowers to be ordered. I don't want to show up to my appointment looking like a complete idiot.

Have a good one.

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