Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Wow! What a Monday!

Monday's should be for resting after the weekend, but I had a very busy one. Lena and I went to Nashville to order flowers for a wedding and then we went to the Farmers' Market. I haven't been in years. We had a great trip, mainly because it wasn't so terribly hot.

There are so many fruits and vegetables there! We loaded up with pole beans, corn, tomatoes, new potatoes and our favorite asparagus. I have never cooked pole beans before. I can remember as a child my grandmother and all my aunts sitting out in the yard under the shade trees with bushel baskets of those things. They were probably gossiping about someone or fussing about the men, but they would snap those beans like it was nobody's business.

So, here we go. We took our beans out to the back porch (remember, it isn't that hot anymore) and proceded to snap beans. Of course, I acted like I knew what I was doing because Lena didn't have a clue what to do. It was kinda fun, sitting there snapping and pitching them into a bowl. It went pretty fast, I guess because we only had three pounds.

Once they were all snapped, we brought them into the kitchen to get started. My mom called in the meantime and gave us last minute instructions. We covered them with water, added salt and pepper, then added some bacon to season. I guess it is probably better to use salt pork or fat back, but that is all I had on hand.

It takes several hours to cook but once they were nearly finished I added some new potatoes to the pan. My grandmother always did that. The beans and taters were great! Fresh vegetables have so much flavor! It is quite an accomplishment for a 40-something year old woman to take on a task like that and succeed. (Pat on the back, here)

We are certainly going to make a habit out of going to the farmers' market, probably here in Murfreesboro. I think that we should support our local growers and besides that, the food tastes really good.

Here's Lena
shucking corn....

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