Thursday, July 9, 2009


Where in the heck did the last three weeks go?

I apologize for not posting in the past few weeks. I have been as busy as the prize winning one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest!!!!! I have too, too many irons in my one and only fire.

I have been preparing for a wedding on Friday night, the 24th of July. Lena, Katy and I are going to do all the flowers, bouquets, corsages, etc. etc. etc. I am hoping that my friend Lyndell is going to help me because Lena and Katy are both working Thursday so I will be on my own all day. I get a little stressed out when I first get started with florals. You know, you usually have in your head how you want something to look, but when you are not a professional, it sometimes doesn't work out that way. It generally looks great when you get finished, but it seems really hard for me to have the confidence to see it coming. Anyway, we have to pick up the flowers in Nashville on Thursday morning, make everything except the outdoor decorations and take it to Franklin. Pictures will be posted soon after, I promise.

SO WE BE SEWING..........
Besides getting ready for the wedding, we are trying to get ready for all the craft fairs and shows that are coming really soon. We have been keeping that sewing machine going on and on and on.
It has been a week since we got started......
(I started this last Thursday and never finished-remember, I was busy)

Well, it's Thursday and I have no idea where the week went. I have been working on my sewing projects every day and night. We are going to be putting our creations in a shop soon so we are trying to "beef" up our inventory. We have made over 130 bibs this week! And no, I don't have any adult size bibs although I have been thinking about making myself one. I don't know if this happens to everyone or not, but I almost always drop food right on my chest. My husband asked me one night at our favorite Mexican place, after I had dropped salsa for the second or third time, "why don't you make yourself a bib?" I guess it's an idea, but I don't see it going over very well.

Last Friday, we went to Nashville to purchase more fabric. Our favorite fabric store is having a 50% off sale on all fabric! YeeHaw!!!!!!!!!!!! We get to get twice as much fabric as usual! I had been getting prepared for the trip by cutting scraps of fabric that I know I wanted to buy and scraps that I needed to match. There is so much fabric in that store that you literally get overwhelmed trying to decide what you want. It was almost a waste of time to try to be prepared. I had already been on Monday and bought 4 yards. So on Thusday I bought 10 yards! I came home so excited! I really got even more excited when Lena wanted to go back on Saturday. She bought 15 yards!! Are we crazy or what?

We have got to get busy now working on all our stuff. I made some gifts this week for a baby shower. The owls are for twin baby boys! I also made bibs to match out of the owl fabric. I didn't get a burp cloth made yet, but don't worry, there'll be one soon.

The aligator is one of my favoites.

He wraps around the back of the onesie.

They are so cute! I just love the fabrics too.

The elephant has a floppy ear!


Well it is finally Friday. I am so glad to begin my weekend. Lena is gone, Katy is working, Megan is working, Grant is going to his other grandmother's (Boooooooo), Bobby is playing golf and I will be all alone Saturday! I will get so much done! It might not be sewing, but it might be....who knows? So I am going to close with my favorite quote:

The purpose of life is to discover you gift. The meaning of life is to give it away."

Find your gifts and give them to someone you love.